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Deep Cleaning is a complete, intensive, heavy duty cleaning process using specialized chemicals to remove the build-up of scale and bacteria causing unpleasant odours. The chemicals used in deep cleaning penetrate and effectively clean contaminated areas, preventing germs and viruses to spread. Using the latest technology in bactericides and disinfectants to ensure your kitchens and bathrooms are kept in pristine condition. This service is ideal for areas such as ablutions, kitchens, medical areas etc, where harmful germs & bacteria lurk in the most unexpected and hard to reach places. Bacteria in kitchens and washrooms are a severe health risk and can influence your business negatively.

Our deep clean service team are dedicated to provide a solution to eradicate various bacteria and especially in areas such as public bathrooms, change rooms, restaurants and club kitchens.


  • Prevents the spread of Hepatitis B, Herpes Virus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. Coli and Salmonella in areas such as public washrooms
    and change rooms.  
  • ¬†Promotes a healthy environment by helping your business to be compliant with the Health & safety act.  
  • Preserves staff and customer health.  
  • Deep cleaning increases indoor air quality guaranteeing a decrease in allergens, such as dust mites.
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    deep clean before and after