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We offer a variety of foam and liquid soaps, alcohol or alcohol free hand sanitisers, body shampoo and hand lotions.

Our paper range consist of the best quality 1ply and 2ply standard toilets rolls, multi-fold paper, Decca rolls, 2ply laminated auto cut paper and more.

Wave Integrated solutions offers you only the best and most trusted service care products that leave your surfaces sparkling.

This series of essential cleaning products includes the following:

• Prosan (Sanitary all-purpose cleaner prevents limescale build up.)
• Progen – All-purpose cleaner, alcohol based detergent
• Proflex – industrial/universal cleaner that dissolves all greasy / fatty and oily soiling as well as wax films after a short acting time
• Colour coded microfibre clothes
• Colour coded spray bottles & buckets


– The Viper DSU is a powerful commercial dry tub vac with a powerful motor, it’s perfect for commercial and domestic use.

– The Wetrok Mono Vac brings a breath of high-tech fresh air to the world of vacuum cleaners. Combining maximum vacuuming performance with a very low noise level and dust filtering, setting new standards in professional cleaning.

– 36l Wringer & bucket is a wheeled bucket that allows its user to wring out a wet mop without getting the hands dirty.

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